The best free Serum skins are here, folks! I compiled a list of some finds of my own as well as what the rest of the producer community has already gathered into one clean list with download links. I even found the infamous Rick and Morty skin that at first had seemed to have disappeared from the Internet. I couldn't find the link to the Zelda Serum skin though, or the teased Feed Me Serum skin, sadly.

If you aren't familiar with Steve Duda's XFER Records Serum VST, get familiar!

If you want a quick tutorial on how to install Serum skins, you are also in luck :)

How to install Serum skins

First, make sure your Serum plugin is up to date.

Much like Serum presets, you need to find the folder to add the skins.

On Windows the folder is: Documents/Xfer Serum/Presets/Skins

On Mac, the folder is: Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Skins

If you travel to that path you will see the "Default" folder for the default skin. In case something goes wrong, don't touch that. Just let it be.

The skins you download will come in a folder, just place those next to the "Default" folder (at the same level).

Rick and Morty - Download

Rick and Morty Serum Skin Download

Hotline Miami - Download

Minimal - Download

Woodgrain - DL expired - message this guy on Reddit

Cymatics Halloween - Download

Ghostify - Download

Virtual Riot - Download

Kill the Noise - Download

Massive - Download

Anthracite - Download

Ableton Live - Download

Cymatics Frost - Download

Tascione - Download

Pixel Terror - Download

Kompany - Download

Dark Silence - Download

INF1N1TE - Download

The fabled Feed Me skin that hasn't been released 😢

Feed me serum skin

How to make Serum skins

If you want to take your artistry to another level, here's a good tutorial on how to create Serum skins yourself. Enjoy these beauties, thank the creators for putting in the hard work for free DL's and go make some magic (and look good in that new skin doing it)!

Which one is your favorite??